My Yoga is for the curious, the hesitant, the stooped, the crooked, the nimble, the stuck..... anyone who wishes to move forward with grace, agility strength and joy!

Let me help you achieve a life of Wellness through accessible poses (asana) in yang and yin practices, myofascial release*, and powerful relaxation with Yoga Nidra.

Are you hesitant about trying yoga because you:

  • have physical limitations such as inflammation (arthritis), injury, joint replacement, or inertia,

  • believe your shape or size is not a ‘yoga’ body,

  • are insecure about practicing in front of others, and

  • believe that yoga is intended only for the young and fit?

Overcome your hesitation – I will work with you to understand your needs, goals, and limitations; then determine which type of yoga might be best for you and teach you how to access the poses with modifications and props. 

Whether the class is private, semi-private or small group, I attend to the needs and limitations of each person, adapting the practice to the individual and ensuring they practice safely.

*coming September 2021- see more here

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