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Fix 1497bagz501 Hd Samsung M2070fw Firmware.epubl




This download has been scanned and is 100% clean, no viruses, malware or hidden texts. Enjoy! Get Report Program No Comments Ads by Google Comments commentsQ: Why is cifs_read_bin() skipping part of a block? I'm trying to understand the behavior of cifs_read_bin() function in the following case: cifs_read_bin(server,x,y,z,1); where x, y and z are uint32_t and x is bigger than 3 (i.e. 4 bytes). The function is supposed to return x bytes. My first question is: why does the function return x+1? I've read the function documentation, and it is explained that the function does not guarantee that it will read all bytes in the block. But why it does not return the minimum number of bytes needed to return the data, and what happens if the buffer is filled? Secondly, if I read the function code (I'm using gcc-4.4.1) the block is not really read - but I suppose that's because the compiler transforms cifs_read_bin() into a memcpy() and thus it is not necessary to read the data from the block. Is that right? A: The documentation says: Warning: This function does not guarantee that all data bytes from the offset will be read. This should only be used for unaligned accesses. This is because the function can be used to access networked blocks. That's why it is not guaranteed to read all the data in a block. The following code will output "Hi ": #include int main() { uint32_t buf[4] = {0,1,2,3}; char ch[4] = {4,5,6,7}; printf("%d %d %s ", buf[0], buf[1], ch); } When compiling with gcc -S -O3 the assembly code is: movl $1, %esi




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Fix 1497bagz501 Hd Samsung M2070fw Firmware.epubl

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